anti-glare sun sensored windshield/windows

My idea is that all ford vehicles use anti glare (polarized) glass w/ or w/o a sunsensor to darken the windshield and side windows (as in eye glasses) to aid in visibility. On sunny days the glare from the sun can block out upcoming traffic lights,stop signs etc. I have been in this situation before where I pulled up to a set of lights but the glare from the sun was so bright that I could not see the light change. I am sure accidents have occured because of this reason.

Jim Dominiak 04/14/2014
I believe the majority of windshield glare is caused by the reflection of the top of the instrument panel onto the windshield. I drove a Ford (95 Taurus, I think) which had a light colored IP top which caused a lot of glare. I laid a black t-shirt on top of the dash and that eliminated it, until the shirt faded (I then just flipped it over). I’m sure Ford has researched anti-glare IP tops because the Fords I’ve driven since then don’t require black t-shirts anymore.
Jerry H 04/05/2014
I think the idea of transitional windshields (like eyeglasses) is a great one. In an area of morning and evening rush hour traffic when the sun's glare is right in your eyes, I believe this would save people for a lot of finder benders.