An AWD option on the Ford Mustang GT!

By Carl P.

I personally drive and sell Ford's Mustang GT, I'm also a lifelong resident of Wisconsin. Its time Ford offered the Mustang GT with an AWD option, so all Mustang enthusiasts can enjoy their cars year round. Since I also sell new Mustangs in Middleton, Wisconsin I know there is a market and need for the AWD option. Ford has a great product with the Mustang GT, it would be even greater with the go anywhere capability of Ford's AWD system. Think of the Taurus, Edge, Explorer, Escape, Flex and F150, they are all great vehicles in snow and ice. Why not make the Mustang GT a all weather type vehicle that will surpass anything GM or Chrysler can produce. I want to fly by a Camaro or Challanger in 4 inches of snow on a January day and laugh out loud as they fade out of sight in my rear view mirror. Ford has the greatest vehicles on the planet with its current lineup, lets add one more with the Mustang GT AWD.
Pokey C 05/03/2013
While you are at it, let's add the eco-boost as an option in the mustang. And why not a 5.0l eco-boost. Now that sounds fun.
Pokey C 05/03/2013
I agree AWD is a great idea. I live in Wyoming and drive my mustang year round. AWD would make my drives quite a bit safer in the winter and a whole lot more fun in the summer. Who wouldn't love to take an AWD mustang to the drag strip. :)