Am I In Someone's Blind Spot?

By Joel D.

Many companies now have the blind spot detection feature which alerts you if someone is in your blind spot.

It doesn't seem too difficult to make something that would work for the opposite end of that situation and alert you if you are driving in someone's blind spot.

Many times on the highways people pull up beside/behind you in the blind spot and then absent-mindedly slow down to your speed. They just stay there in your blind spot for miles. It's a good way to cause an accident.

A little alert would be nice. A light on the instrument cluster or dashboard would probably be fine, but an audible alert (a little beep or buzz) wouldn't hurt.

Of course you wouldn't want it come on as soon as you were in someone's blind spot, or in multilane traffic where you have no choice but to drive where you are in the traffic flow. But if you're in a blind spot for say 20 seconds, you're really not driving safely. Unless there is another car directly in front of you, you should either speed up and complete the pass or slow down and get behind them.