All-wheel-drive Ford Mustang

By Tom H.

Hi, I am still patiently waiting for the Ford Corporation to finally offer all-wheel-drive as an option on the Ford Mustang. Winter is coming up not too far away. I live in the Northeast and I need a muscle car, and also a car that I can drive in the snow. Please offer this long-overdue option on the Ford Mustang which will not only offer an important safety feature to many musclecar fans, but it also will give the Ford Mustang a decided advantage over all the other muscle cars currently in the market, none of which offer this popular and sought after vehicle option. The logic is so perfect, it almost slaps you in the face and says, "Dah! Why didn't I think of that before!" You're welcome, for the suggestion, and making you lots of money. Now let's roll that baby out! I want to see the announcement of the all-wheel-drive Ford Mustang on the next Ford News email that I receive. You have the power to make it happen. Please tell whatever executive or ceo you need to, and let's make it happen, guys! Don't let me down! Have a great day!
Deml 06/11/2014
I would be all over something like this.
Mike DP 03/26/2014
Dying to buy a Mustang but am hesitant with a rear wheel drive in the snow. Please make an AWD and  there will be one in my driveway.
S R 08/28/2013
Yes, strongly agree . . . I am looking at replacing my 2012 Convertible Mustang for an Audi just for an AWD; love to have an AWD Mustang.
LEONARD L 08/24/2013
I agree and why ford does offer awd for every product baffles me