All wheel drive

Please offer the all wheel drive option in the US for the 2014 Transit as you do in Europe.
greg e 07/30/2013
I agree the Transit and Transit Connect should be offered as AWD
Lee E 02/17/2013
I would love to see AWD/4WD as an option on both the Transit and the Transit Connect.
Donna N 02/16/2013
The 2014 Transit needs to offer an AWD version. Many business people drive them and are required to be out in all kinds of weather, no matter what is predicted. In addition, very few vehicles offer the kind of room for transporting home improvement materials as spacious as the Transit and many families are looking for an AWD vehicle that offers that space. Thirdly, if you travel over any of the mountain passes in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, or California, you must have AWD during over 8 months of the year. This is a safety feature that would make this vehicle a winner for many families and business owners. Please, please consider adding AWD to your options. Thanks!!!