Alarm Me

Car alarms go off either on accident or because someone is trying to break in. Often car owners aren't even aware of the alarms going off and come to find their cars stolen. What point is the alarm if you are not close enough to hear it. I suggest a feature where, when your car alarm goes off, the driver is alerted by e-mail and text. Drivers can perhaps sync their phone with their car to be informed of their car's alarm.
Chuck J 08/15/2013
The idea is good but if you are not close enough to hear the alarm then you are out of range for your cell phone.
Perhaps Ford could put a cell phone type camera in the car that would take 4 or 5 photos a couple seconds apart and then email them to you via a saved email address the next time you are in your car. (not the phone that is sync'd...) If your car is stolen then the pictures would sit until "some" phone was sync'd and then it would send them to the saved email. If the alarm went off by accident you would get photos of an empty car. If someone broke in you might get a photo that the police can actually use. This type of system has been available for laptop computers for some time.