Adjustable headlights

Have you ever been driving at night and all of sudden, a car is coming at you with its brights on. Dont you just hate that? But when you flash them, they flash there real brights. It always seems to be a pickup with a load. The pickups load makes his low beams shine much higher, this cause others to be blinded by there low beams. I have an idea to solve this by self adjusting headlights on all F series pickups. The more load that is put on the rear of the truck for a sustained amount of time will adjust the headlight down to return to stock position. I know this is possible because of how much technology is in the new F series, because i drive them for work. I am a chevy man but i really do like the new F-250. But, I have noticed that they are more level than the older models. Which causes more saging in the rear of the truck when a load is put on it. Due to this new stance of the truck, my coworkers and i are always getting flashed but our low beams are on and i hate to flash our brights. It makes our company look as though we do it on purrpose. This is a problem.
How about just adding a load-leveling air bag assist to the rear suspension as an option? That and a one million candlepower laser-guided spotlight hidden beneath the Ford emblem focused on the passenger compartment of the oncoming vehicle.