4WD or AWD Option

Many cars that Ford manufactures are either RWD or FWD, not many with the 4WD or AWD options. Say that you have a Taurus or Fiesta, and you want to go into the mountains, or it snows one day. Most people would say, "buy a new car", but what if you can't? This is why this option is needed.
Mohammed Arshi 02/02/2014
Well Ford has made different vehicle for different drive to suite the driving pleasure. Cars like Taurus and Fiesta are menat for city drive. If someone intends to go for Mountain or Snow or any off road drive , suv is the option.
Alex M 01/27/2014
I agree. It would be awesome if Ford would put an extremely advanced AWD or 4WD option in their entire lineup of vehicles....including hybrids if possible. If Ford made some sort of terrain management system for all vehicles and maybe ride height adjustment, all of their vehicles would be capable of a lot of stuff, including wintry, slick, muddy, or other conditions that require terrain management and ride height adjustment. Everyone please take this into consideration so that Ford can make a change and make all of their vehicles capable of almost everything.