4 Wheel Drive Selector

On F-150s with Gear shifter on the column, not in a center console, the gear selector arm, blocks the 4 wheel drive selector for quick access in bad weather when you need to switch to 4 Hi.  I personnally would like to see a smart wheel button for shifting to 4 Hi only.  I have been blown off the road in the winter twice now. First time I was in a Gmc and was able to select 4 Hi quickly allowing me to maintain control and not go to far off the road. 2nd time was in my 2013 F-150, which I couldn't get it switched fast enough and got stuck.  The selector knob is behind the arm and required me to take my eyes off the road longer then I wanted to.  I am glad to be back in a Ford, but Gmc has you beat in 4 wheel selection.