2014-15 Taurus Wishlist

1. Electric parking brake with manual override release if stuck in cold weather.
2. Move Navigation and Entertainment to left side of MFT screen.
3. Re-configurable vehicle systems page to right side of MFT in event of failure.
4. Add HOOD and Fuel door to the list of Messages for "Door Ajar/Open" warnings.
5. Change programming of fuel display from gallons used to count down type as in start with fuel tank capacity...19.0 gallons....and count down from 19.0
6. Make rear view camera standard.....mirror o.k but prefere in MFT screen.
7. Fog Lamps at least optional.

Keeps.. from current model

1, V6...4 wheel disc brakes...Amber turn signals. LED tail lamps..projector beam headlamps...dual climate control....
Orion V 01/31/2013
why not just make the headlamps LED as well like how the ford escape has and a front sensing system for parking. and make the adaptive cruise control stop the vehicle if necessary like volvo and audi have