2013 MKZ

By Joe G.

I have a 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid We love the car We moved up from a Prius I wish to purchase the 2013 The 2013 MKZ has the features that I missed on the Prius Like No key to open or start

Here are some things on my wish list

I hope you will have an indicator in 2013 when Head lights are on. On my 2012 MKZ there is no way of knowing if your lights are on when you have a dull day or rain and need lights. Dangerous
Needs an indicator light on the dash Board

My foot hits the bottom of the dash board and restricts the upward movement to take you foot off of the break. I have size 11 shoes so not unusual Dangerous

Sync will not take a CD to the hard drive on the car from a CD that was burned from a computer It only takes the original CDs All of my music is on my computer It is the 21st century Fix on the 2013 MKZ

On the MKZ Hybrid there is little trunk space compared to the MKZ can this be corrected?