2013 Ford Excursion

I want a new 2013 Ford Excursion with a 6.7 L diesel 44 gallon fuel tank Lariat 4x4 !!!
White with a gold bottom or all black. Just make a couple thousand I think you could sell everyone. I would be your first customer.
You already make half of it. The 2012 F-250 is on the same chassis. My husband has a 2012 F-250 crew cab 6.7 L V-8 diesel 4x4 Lariat and it is SWEET.
I love my 2000 Ford Excursion with the 7.3 L diesel it has 225K miles and is the best work horse in the world. It just keeps going and going.
I don't want a Suburban or a Yukon XL or even a big Escalade. I see them all over Houston.
Not everybody wants great fuel mileage. Some people want a great truck. I love that everyone can see me coming. I feel safe. I just want all the modern cool stuff you put in them now. And don't tell me to get an Expedition so not the same!

I will never sell my truck unless I can't get parts anymore or you make me a new one!!!!

Please Please Please
Mom of 2
Ruben K 08/13/2014
Bring the excursion back with a 7.3 diesel.
Make shore all the models can have a diesel.
Ray 04/29/2014
I want a 2015 excursion loaded king ranch I have an expedition el king ranch not big enough I also have a 2000 limited excursion 6.8 l 4#4 need more bells and whistles.  ( build it they will sell) !!!!!
Michelle S 11/26/2013
No other vehicle creates a flat, 8' bed when you take out the back seat. That is essential for me. Please bring back the Excursion. Mine is getting old. I had to buy it off ebay.
cheryl 11/10/2013
i'll take mine in black please!  my 2004 diesel has almost 200,000 miles....need a new one!!  will also be rebuilding....i lovethis truck!!
Austen S 05/03/2013
You should get an Expedition
EJ 03/14/2013
The excursion has its well deserved place in the automobile history, I would really appreciate when Ford makes a brand new excursion with all the bells and whistles.
AZliftedX 02/07/2013
Piece of cake everyone, you what a 2012 or 2013 ford excursion and i am not talking about a 05 modified to look like a 2012. I am saying a true 2012 with a 6.7 diesel. You just need to look harder. Saw one yesterday they are so sweet! http://www.customautosbytim.com/2012FordExcursion.html
shannon 01/17/2013
I have a 2004 Excursion with the 6.0L diesel and I LOVE IT!! The 6.0 has a bad rep with some people, but I have never had a problem. If Ford doesn't start making them again I will just be rebuilding mine from the ground up til I die!
Blake 01/04/2013
All the Excursion's on eBay right now have multiple bidders some as much as 30. It shows that people love the Expy including the wife and I. An new model with modern tech would be incredible! Unfortunately it'll never happen as we just can't have them in the fleet to bring down the CAFE.
Micha? W 12/06/2012
bring back ford expedition !! I wonna buy one brand new !!
Hillrover-99025 11/21/2012
Sounds like a great idea, I can't believe they quit making them!! I love mine it is a go anywhere awesome 4x4
Michael C 11/02/2012
I buy one with no problem.
Samuel J 10/25/2012
Ugh, no, we'd sell none of them. Maybe, MAYBE, a diesel Expedition - but those things just sit on the lot as they are.
John 10/22/2012
I WOULD LOVE TO OWN A NEW EXCURSION!!!! I owned one the first year they made it and one the last year they made. Some idiot smashed into me and the 05 was totaled. I am suffering by with an 07 Expedition EL. PLEASE MAKE A NEW EXCURSION!!!!!
Tyson C 09/30/2012
Please bring excursions back. Id buy one as soon as they hit the lots.
Eric O 09/09/2012
YES! I would love to replace my new Expedition with a newer Excursion that could actually tow something without coughing up its gizzerd when going up hill!
John V 08/21/2012
For me old school 7.3l power stroke tune it for 400+hp and torque, 16.5" mickey thompson Classic II's some 32" at's add n addition 3inches in ride height 4.10gears and a straight front avle and a befed up all around and manual lockers high quality steering dampeners and heavy half shaft with an extra long sleeve and a thick long skid plate
Marta 08/19/2012
Is Ford going to make a 2013 Diesel Ford Excursion? There are people like me who would buy one if it were available. Just please make sure it has a little more leg room in the front seat to accommodate my tall husband!
Bob 08/14/2012
My first choice in an Excursion is a DIESEL but I'd also gladly take a Bi-Fuel that runs on CNG and/or Gasoline. That said, Ford is disappointing me by not offering anything close so I'll probably end up with a Mercedes G class 350 Blue Tec diesel engine.
you can get a 2013 excursion made by customautosbytim itll cost you 80k though. Ford is really missing out on this one.