2013 Focus Factory Fog Light Kit

I own a 2013 Focus SE Hatchback and the car is great. The one feature I would like to
have but currently don't are fog lights. For 2013 they currently can only be obtained
with SE trim as part of the Appearance Package which my dealer didn't include. I did
not order the car, rather I purchased it out of the deraler's existing inventory. What I
would like to see if possible, is for Ford to offer a Focus Factory Fog Light Kit through
the Ford Accessories Catalogue/Website and through dealer parts deparments. I
believe you have done this in the past with previous generations of the Focus. I do
think there is a market for this product as there are probably many other current-year
Focus owners who would like to have them. Please give this idea some consideration.
Thank You
Mike Hamley 09/15/2013
Ford dealership will install, parts 308.93-labor 250.00. Just need to inquire. I'm getting them.
John M 08/29/2013
I also purchased a 2014 Focus that I would like to get fog lights installed. I've been looking everywhere. Come on Ford, do us proud.
Rodney Wilson 08/09/2013
I also purchased a 2013 ford focus without the fog lamps. I would really like to see a factory style fog lamp kit offered by the dealership.