your new sports car

I;ve been a fan of fords since my 1952 ib high school....3sp w/overdrive to my first new car a 1967 Mustang 390GTA....I loved your retro Thunderbird lately and now that the load of Mercury is gone (RIP the Marauder) now it the time to make a baby boomer bomb....I am looking at BMW Z4....I know you can do as good a job..I liked the prototype of the shelby in 2003? ....coupe and convert or maybe hardtop covert aluminum'a save weight (look at your tank of a mustang)the six speed auto with paddle shifters or manual and a 4 banger like that yamaha you had in the Taurus in the 90's with the turbo options..would be tuners dream..with all the new wheels sizes and tires out you could design to them..Not like the fun but underpowered 1958 MGA I have now in my garage. Give use something to play with and have fun driving...Lots of boomers out there waiting...As I see it you are the one to do it...just build it in the USA! 2 cents...thanks for asking.