you should build an all-wheel drive mustang

build a mustang thats all wheel drive it would be very good in snow and ice
Mark Royer 10/29/2011
Since I am a long time mustang owner, living in a northern climate presents a few problems driving a mustang in the winter months. I recall one winter after a big dump of snow... after backing the car out of the garage I promptly got stuck. I never drove the car again till spring. Having all wheel drive would have enabled me to keep on driving thru the winter months
chitown 07/28/2011
Well, then, take the 3.7 V6 from the Mustang and offer it in the Fusion AWD! I can't help but feel like Ford is missing a huge opportunity here. Right now, if we want an AWD with a big V6 for under $30K, we have to settle for a used Infiniti G35X/G37X, and the engines in those are absolute pigs in terms of fuel economy.
james knopp 02/22/2011
I suggested this a while back and someone commented on it as though I was taking Mustang's "heritage" away. I think it would be a great idea also. It would make it a more drivable all weather sport car and with the EcoBoost, a "foreign fighter"
Dale 12/30/2010
I think it would be a good idea to consider. Yeah the muscle car image would be gone but it would make it more competive to other sprots cars in handleing but it would lose the current rear axel under it. I prefer the solid axel verus the independent rear Suspension. If it had the option for eather that would be a huge plus.
Kevin Miller 12/29/2010
I like this idea, but I believe it is against the fundamentals of the pony car. The mark of the muscle car era was big engine and rear-wheel drive. While all-wheel drive would present some amazing performance enhancements, it would violate the spirit of the car.
Ryan V. 11/27/2010
an all wheel drive mustang will bring performance and racing quality into the mustangs performance