why not a ranger

i see the pictures from the new detroit auto show and gm is touting the new gmccanyon.  as i am a diehard ford guy,one that owned a ford ranger until my grandkids got to big to fit into t he supercab, that i traded it for a 2012 canyon.  i really like the canyon its the first non-ford since my 1960 chevy, my question why can't ford come out with a new ranger.  i do not want a full-size truck not at any price.  ford used to make a four door cab in south america but not here  why?  you used to sell 300000 of them in the 1990s and you could again.  gm, toyota and nissan wouldn't build them to lose money!  come on build us a truck and keep us as customers!!  
gale rudert 02/15/2014
We need a mid-size ford ranger. The ranger is still in production in south america. We as good customers of ford had the go to another company and buy a tacoma. What were you thinking? If you do not start making a mid-size again you have lost us as a customer. If you would make it again we would by a ford next time. We have talked to other ranger people and they do not what to do but buy from your competitor.
Daniel B 02/03/2014
I have to agree with you. I do not want a full size truck. I do want to see improved mileage though. I think there are huge numbers of people that are in the same boat. They want a truck for the things only a truck can do, but they do not want a full size truck. I would like to see maybe a little more room than what the Ranger extended cab had, but in a package that gets close to 30mpg. I think it can be done!