What todays look needs while still having the past of the 60s & 70s

To start out that new app to desighn a Mustang of your choosing is really cool but believe it or not I can't creat the Mustang that I dream about every night, its in-detail from the front bumper to the rear bumper. As far as body parts I could creat a Mustang with the body parts found on the app, so cost would be minimal.
My dream of the Mustang has a new badge different than GT, SS or RS. Its kinda like the Pontiac H.O. (High Output). The Badge in my dreams is similar only it fits todays time, but reflects yesteryeas time, my badge could be used with GT, Shelby and V-6. People have been waiting for a performace V-6. My dream Mustang is totaly different like the Crome cars coming out in Hollywood but it's practical. On a bright sunny day can you realy drive a Crome car down the road safely for yourself and other drivers? You must admit that Crome car is really cool looking just not practical. I can remeber I had a Crome model growing up i never thought I would have seen a real one. My dream car comes in Black, Black, Black on Black. Keep in mind Black and Black can be as different as Black and White. These color combinations have never been used before and that will make the outside match the inside.
The Ford Mustang is the only car out there that hit a home run on the front, back and sides I sure hope you don't change it like rummer has it.