Vintage/Modern Mustang

By Kim W.

The older style of the Mustang was something everyone wanted. It was classic!
To show the world that look with modern updates.....would be very special.
Trevor N 04/17/2013
Yes Ford You gotta keep the mustang looking Classic and looking retro
it aint no good looking like Our EURO BOXES thats why what few of us
there are in the U.K. and Europe and Norway own Ford or G.M or god forbid a Chrylser sport cars, so please keep it looking something like
original. PS i,m 65 years old and always lived in GB and the car I always Promised myself was not the Capri but when I first saw the 64.5 Mustang ,THIS WAS THE CAR I Promissed Myself but even that didn,t happen until my 58th Birthday,I used too be a motor mechanic and I just knew that ! day I would Own A Mustang allbeit a 1999 gt V8 an I
just love it finnished in Laser Red, Hey Ford Hows bout sending me a pint of Ford Laser Red.
Gary A 02/27/2013
Pull the old dies out and go to work!! They would be so popular, I probably couldn't afford one but I would love to see 'em running down the road.
Trevor N 09/06/2012
1999 mustang V8 gt The one that pointed back to its Humble Beginings
You moved away from eurobox design and started looking back with the edge design , I thank Ford motor company I own a 1999 gt V8 and I
enjoy driving it here in England and yes It does keep passing our
Ministry of Transport Test with its next too nothing Exhaust Emissions
yours Trev Nightingale, Great Brittain.
Jake B 04/19/2012
just please, PLEASE don't base the next body style off the fusion/evos styling! that would take away everything that makes a Mustang look like a Mustang! its Always been unique in the ford lineup, keep it that way!
Robert T 04/18/2012
The original mustangs were styiled by John Nagger, Joe Oros and his team. They created what would become an American icon of course with the leadership of Lee Iacoocca. These people are gone and are replaced with people that insist everything must look euro as possible. Ford does not produce a car today that will be remembered for its beauty in the future. I fear the new Mustang may well fall into this group. When Ford vehicles of the 50's and 60's are seen at car shows, the usual response of the people is "wow". Did anybody ever hear someone say wow over a 60 's BMW or Benz
H B 04/18/2012
I am wondering when Ford Company will start to make new Mustang design for the big fans of the Mustang “FOX” which is the third generation of Ford Mustang.
There are big fans to this design all around the world, especially in the Middle East. I am 100% sure that Ford will make a lot of profit if they try to that.
Jon D 04/17/2012
Please keep the Mustang a 2 door design. The Fusion line should carry the Evos design DNA for the company. Expand the Fusion to include a wagon (already in production in Europe), a 2 door Sport Coupe/Convertible. The 50th Anniversary Mustang should NOT become a Charger 4 door design. That would be handing the Pony Car crown to the Camaro. While I understand that the Mustang will be updated for 2014, remember how well the Probe went over as the "New" Mustang.
Owner of a 1967 Mustang Sprint Notchback. (multi-Ford owner)
Gene Wilson 04/16/2012
The "classic" Mustang had a unique look that everyone wanted. Ford came out with the "Retro" Mustang in 2005 and made a huge comeback. The 2011 lost fans as it drew further away from the original Mustang look. If Mustang fans lost interest then, making the 2014 Mustang look like the Camaro will NOT impress them. Just sayin'!
N. R 04/15/2012
There's a company out there called Retrobuilt and they have body kits availabe that'll allow you to make a 2005-2013 Mustang look just like a GT500 or a Boss 302 from the 60's. You should look them up they have exactly what you want.
Trevor N 04/13/2012
Utter Perfection only Mustang cuts it no matter how Old They are.