Vent Visors standard on all vehicles

Years ago we had rain gutters and when they were discontinued we've had to buy aftermarket vent visors.
It would be soo nice to have vent visors installed from the factory so when we start our vehicles up in the morning following a good rain or snowfall we don't end up wearing a lap full of water/snow.

It's not as bad with the rain... it only gets into the doors/electrics... but in the winter when we use the remote start or even just let the vehicle warm up for a bit... as soon as you start moving and you have your window open even that inch... you wear the slush :(.

Yes.... I open my windows every single time I drive... I'm a paramedic and with the vehicles having so much sound proofing... people are soo busy listening to their radios, talking on the cell phones, chatting with each other... with the window cracked an inch... people can actually hear our sirens.

Vent visors would allow us to stay dry with that window open that inch.... please :)