Upgradeable the gear shift option for manual transmission

The current Ford Mustang gear shift looks awfully reminiscent of a luxury gear shifter, and not that of a throwback American muscle car: with the leather boot and no exposed metal. The Mustang GT has an upgradable metal gear shirt option, while the Boss 302 and Shelby's come standard with “upgraded” gear shifts. What I’m trying to say is that this classic throwback gear shift upgrade should be available as an option on all standard transmission Mustangs. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this: “If I really want a German or Japanese car I will expect that particular style, but if I really want an American car I will expect a classic American style.”
Marshall M 11/16/2012
Wait, so you want a long throw Hurst style?
Buy a truck with a manual tranny David.
I mean, the short throw shifter in my Roush is like an old school Hurst "short throw" with a leather skirt on it.
I dunno, replace your shifter, cut off the skirt or....whatever.
David F 09/27/2012
I seemed to have misspelled the title, it should say: upgradable gear shift option for manual transmission, or upgrade the gear shift for manual transmission.