Unpainted Vehicles

By Alex O.

Color is an important choice when purchasing a brand new vehicle. There's maybe 8-12 choices of paints per vehicle. Some colors aren't available on certain trims. Some colors aren't even available on certain vehicles. I'd like to see Ford invest money into adding paint shops on at least 50% of their current U.S. dealerships. Also, Ford should not paint their cars in the factory as part of the assembly. This gives buyers the opportunity to choose the paint they want at the dealership. And the car will be scheduled to paint as soon as possible. To go along with this Ford should be sure to have computers handy at all dealerships for customers to use so they can preview what their vehicle of interest looks like with a certain paint. All paints should be available on all vehicles. Ford should still have a few painted cars on the dealership just to give people a real life idea of what a painted car looks like. It's a bit of a far fetched idea but people love to personlize their vehicles. And color is probably the most important aspect of customization. I see this as being a fun thing consumers would enjoy doing at a delearship. 
Perry M 06/18/2014
Not a bad idea. Of course, the color custimization would have to be a "upgraded package price." Not too much though, but im sure there are alot of customers, like your self, that would pay a little bit extra for that exact color they want on their vehicle. Good Idea.