Just like a lot of people on here I would like to see the standard shift come back I myself know of 2 people that switched to ram because they could get a manual tranny. Im gettin close to switching myself ram trucks are nice and offer manuals and slightly cheaper. I was at the ford dealer the other day and older gentleman was walking all through the super dutys looking at all of them. He walked in side and the salesman asked can I help you sir. He said "yea I want a truck like that" pointing at one of the trucks, "but a standard shift." He was looking to trade his 05-07 f250 in I guess he didn't know ford stopped making manuals. the salesman said "Id like to help you but ford doesn't have a standard shift anymore" the seemed to get kind of angry and said "I've been driving these trucks for 30 years, I can't believe I can't buy a standard shift truck." The salesman tried to talk him into trying one of the new automatic trucks but he wasn't havin it He then said "I hate to do it but I'm gonna have to buy a damn dodge, they have stick shifts." Then walked out and got in his truck, the ram dealer was across the street he drove across the street I watched him just to see if he really was going to buy one. He looked at the trucks, found one he liked and in just a little while he drove off in his new truck. The salesman said "this is embarassing" I kinda laughed it off he said "no really just think of how many people are switching because of this" I have always been a die hard ford fan but ram trucks are starting to catch my eye. Please bring the manual tranny back even if its only in gas engines think of how much fun a raptor or tremor would be with a stick. Your trucks, and customers deserve to at least have one as an option
Drew J 11/14/2014
Dear Ford,
Please make the V10 & a 6-Speed manual optional in the F250!
Lewis C 02/12/2014
I too have almost been converted to Ram as well now, but I would still love to get a Ford. I have purused Craigslist and Cars and Car Soup, but the majority of Ford trucks (used, obviously all the new ones) are automatics... People will not sell their manual ford trucks, as they are beginning to get rarer and rarer because they are out of production. This is a great story Jeremiah, it reminds me of my mom's friend's uncle, he did somethin like this, just he traded his chevy in for a used manual ford... the only one within about a hundred miles that was for sale hahaha.
Dominic P 01/02/2014
I'm pretty sure the old guy was taking the Dodge for a test drive when you saw him drive away from the dealership across the street from you. But anyways, I'm also pretty sure he bought it because I know how those old guys can be.