Bring back the trailhead only made one year I was lucky enough to own one and dumb enough to let it go. Other car makers have their own version of it love the idea of a truck looking like 4x4 with out the increased insurance. The one I had was as strong as an ox had the 3.0 liter with 5 speed manual tanny. 4:10 limited slip went places in it other with 4x4 couldn't I even pulled a 30' pull behind camper with it. These trucks didn't get the spot light at all. (found one on the road and fell in love Knew what I had to have) I know many people since i had let it get away from me ask if Ford still had them. I think that this would be a great seller in today's market because you could do it not only with the ranger but also the F150 with the eccoboost just a nice plain XL with very few options. Wish I could find me another one would never let it go again.
Jake J 07/15/2012
Rival to the Jeep. Good idea!!!