Toy Car

I have purchased a lot of new cars in my lifetime and would love to have a model of each one of them for a keepsake. I suggest that with the purchase of a new vehicle Ford Motor Company gives the new owner a toy car ( like a Match Book car ) replica of the one they have purchased. This would open up a whole new industry for Ford and what a cool idea to be able to have them for a keepsake.
B. N. 12/23/2012
As long as they don't have them made by the same company that makes their remote controltoy cars and trucks for kids. They use New Bright Industrial co. made in China and their toys are crap. It's a wonder they would even put their name on this crap. Makes me wonder how their real car quality is after returning the junk toys the disappointed kids got for Christmas. Wouldn't run on thin carpet with new batteries or turn right. Worst gift the kids ever got. B. N.
Roy T 11/11/2012
That sounds like a kind of cool idea. I've built models of some of the cars I've owned, well three of my favorites anyway.