The Secratary Car

Bring back the days where the mustangs was inteded for the young working women of today. It could lead to a "clash of the sexes". Especially with all the new modification parts and paint jobs, I could sees a sieries of comericals where the mustang would be the satr and comtimization would be the battle?
Brad B 10/19/2013
Hey Ford !  Please, don't disown me for this, but I'm watching the Mustang fall to the same fate as the Thunderbird.  It's getting to big and boxey.  I'd love to see the Mustang along the same size as it was in 1964, I believe this is what Anthony A. might be writing about here.  And like in the 1960's make it a bit more utilitarian so it could trailer around 2,000 pounds.  My Aunt had a '65 Mustang and two horses.  Uncle Claude put'er a trailer hitch on her car so she could pull a 5'X8' trailer to go do the feed store and hay pickups.  Her '65 had the in-line 6 and plenty of giddy-up-go.