The seat says it all..

By Greg N.

There are many drivers who for whatever reason need a soft, cushioned seat that has a broad base. The emphasis seems to always be on sport buckets or firm seating. My suggestion would be to enable choice on the higher end vehicles of today. I drive am '07 Expedition Lmtd. and even that lacks cushioning for those longer trips. If a seat were to be designed with air cushioning technology to allow control of firmness via an electric air pump, much like the lumbar adjustments of today, this would allow those of us with reason to need seat perfection an option. With option being key, this seat could be offered as an option on limited or higher end models. When designing the seat care should be taken to provide enough cushioned pad, perhaps even a 2 inch layer of memory foam.

This concept could easily be incorporated in the larger seats. Heated/cooled seats would not need suffer as small flexable air passages could be layed within the seat build up. For those of us with back, hip or many other health concerns an extra 1-2k for a seat of luxery is a small price to pay for the ability to climb out of vehicle after a longer drive without needing a day or two to recover.

Greg N 08/23/2013
The Flex Limited with the premium leather power seats comes close to this idea.  The seats in the Flex are some of the most comfy I have ever sat on in a car or truck.  Add some dense memory foam, (they make it in temp control now,) and that would be a seat worth an extra chunk of money!!  When my wife and I shop for new vehicles the first thing we look at are the front seats, most we walk away from, if we do sit and can't get comfy within a couple of minutes it's adios.  So far we still drive our '07 Expedition Limited. 
Andrew h 12/21/2012
I agree there should be some more flexible seating options. The Edge Sport for example would benefit greatly from the Focus ST Recaro seats.