The New Pinto Of 2012

By Ryan V.

i think ford should bring back the old american classic PINTO and give it a sleek look of a old pinto with a few adjustments to to the look of the body. My dad and grandfather also think ford should bring back the ford GRAN TORINO with the old look with an adjustment to the front grill and to the rear thank u for all the years of ford.
Rodney F 08/27/2012
I gave a thumbs up because your dad and grandfather are right, the Gran Torino should be brought back!
David C A 12/18/2010
The nameplate "Pinto" might be a hard sell. Everybody and their dog will Google "Pinto" and most of the first hits will read like "Pintos explode when you bump them from behind" or some such. Even though it was proven to be untrue, and the modern car will NOT have this issue, the name could still carry that baggage, even 40 years on.

However, the concept of a RWD compact, with the EcoBoost 2.0L Four would be great. While the name plate may be a problem, I would not be opposed to "Runabout", "Escort", or "Maverick"