the new lincoln

Isn't it time to build a lincoln pick up truck that is luxurious. Your big mistake was using the f150 body. A lincoln should & always have its own body style. Your already doing this with your new 2015 mkc, its just a ford escape, or the navigator, just a ford expedition to name a few. I know you want to cut cost but your also cutting lincoln quality by using ford body styles. For What? what is the point of buying a lincoln? People want different if they are going to pay a premium price. Build all of your lincoln cars and suvs using the best materials and having there own body styles.  Let your Artist do there thing. If your only going to have two pruducts ford and lincoln then have two different products. Since lincoln use letters for there automobile names here is what you can call the new truck, the new Lincoln Lux-CL for the 150 model, the Lincoln Lux-Ccl for 250 model and the Lincoln Lux-Cccl for the 350 model. The L.U.X means luxurious and the Ccl and so on are roman numerals. Get your own stamping presses and start building lincolns like they should be. Again Stop Using Ford Body Styles. Thank You.
Chris W 01/13/2014
I agree, it makes me really mad they do this, they don't seem to listen to what we, the buyers want.