The New Lincoln

Rwd Lincoln based on the Mustang platform coming in sedan and coupe varints. Twin turbo V-4 as base, then twin turbo V-6 mid, and the Mustang V-8 tweaked for Luxury duty. A sport tuned suspension system capable of reading the road in peco-seconds(smaller than milli and nano). If need be make use of the Ford GT 40 as a template to produce a renowned Lincoln sports car( i.e. corvette/cadillac xlr). Stop building what you want to build and become competitive again. I would love to see a big rwd sedan from Lincoln. Compete with the S-class, 7 Series,etc. I own a 1997 Lincoln Mark 8. Thats when Lincoln was making cars for the people. I want to see better in the future if there is one. If I headed The Lincoln Motor Company, I could return it to profit. No more rebadged Fords. Lincoln has to have its own unique identity.