The New Ford Bronco

First I'd like to say that I love the what you guys have done with the mustang,great job!But I have to say that I am disappointed that the best and most recognizable SUV ever built(the Bronco) hasn't been brought back!I don't know if any of you guys have driven a full size Bronco lately but when you get behind the wheel of the Bronco and head down the road you feel like you own it!As nice as the explorer and the expedition are they don't give you the feeling that you can go rock climbing or mudding.With Bronco you could do both those things and after you give her a good cleaning she was still a good eye catcher going down the road.So please bring back the Bronco but please leave the Bonco 2 buried!
ScuttDog 08/29/2014
I have a 1972 Bronco with a 302 , 3 speed . That's my baby !
David Bacon 02/23/2014
Need the retro Brono made the way I have seen the pictures (silver one with the word Bronco in the grille. That is one bad looking ride. I am ready to buy one as soon as it hits the show room floor. Build it and they will buy it!
Izz 11/12/2012
Deffinitely agree witg most these comments. my 86 xlt bronco in a bind whet has been in thr family since 88 and was my first car in 2006. I still drive it every day and refuse to drive anything else. But i'm also in a bind andfuel efficiency is moving up higher on my new car priority list over ruggedness. A more efficient v8 like the coyote or a small turbo diesel would be great and I wouldn't mind switching wheelbases from a large full size to the smaller 2004 concept s wheelbase. I drive a bronco because nothing resents me or my personality like it. Keep the spirit of the bronco alive. I should be proud to make the new bronco the first truck I ever finance with my hard earned money. But please bring it soon, my truck doesn't run like it used to she's getting tired and I really don't want to buy a focus if I don't have to.
I have a 94 full size bronco,white and i have 26600 miles on it get the oil changed tgree thousand or sooner. Its amazing it should be brought back,dont screw with the body style either. There is nothing like driving a full size bronco. Its like the Harley of four wheel drive. I do not think i am able to drive anything else the rest of my life.
Rich B 10/11/2012
fullsize 2 doors coyote v8 removeable roof body on frame construction aka a real truck no a watered down edge
KEVEN Z 09/18/2012
I think that is an awesome idea, and one I have been checking back on from time to time as well. Ford could use the Escape platform just with a transfer case. It would be relatively cheap to produce. The four door Wrangler is pretty popular, we Ford guys need something go trail riding in. The Raptor is too big and expensive for tight trails.
Shawn U 08/21/2012
I love the old broncos and 2004 concept. There are quite a few companies building ford broncos (icon) and fj landcruisers but would like to buy a new bronco from Ford. BTW, please put the coyote motor in the bronco, you may have to change the name to stallion!
Diane T 08/18/2012
Bring back the full size Bronco from the 80's and 90's. Same style with the new concepts. Ford has the best line of trucks in the world and I am fully committed in their product. The family has a lot of ford vehicles and if they were to build the new Bronco I'd be the first to buy one. I own 2 F 150's, very tough and i'm sure if ford were to bring the bronco back it would be the same great quality.
Matthew G 08/14/2012
Me too. I find myself checking back again and again since the concept Bronco back in 2004. What is taking you so long FORD!
L C 08/05/2012
Owned a 1973 Ford Bronco and sadly parted with it in 1987 because it was too hard to get kids in and out of the 2 door...was JUST getting ready to buy a Jeep Wrangler Sport when I saw these various postings about a NEW Bronco with an EcoBoost engine....SIGN ME UP. Can't wait.