The new and improved bronco

By Sill S.

My idea is to make the ford bronco a raptor. It could have three engine options, the eco boost, 6.2 L, and the power stroke, for better gas mileage. You could include four wheel drive with a detroit locker by a switch of a button. Have the same height as the raptor but the wheel base of a full size bronco with a removeable topper. The back half of the bronco designed from the '93 - '96 and include the spare tire on the tailgate. And of course you have to have the built-in winch!
KEVEN Z 09/18/2012
Use the 2004 concept for a starting place please...We need something to compete with the four door Jeeps that can actually go up and down a mountain without burning up the brakes.
Leroy S 08/22/2012
I say nay to the full size body.
Vincent C 07/21/2012
I want the 2004 Bronco concept...
Jason M 07/19/2012
You need a model to challenge the popularity of a 25000 jeep
Sill S 06/22/2012
Yes it would be practicle but defently not for the lower class!
Carl W 06/13/2012
Umm.. Well A Raptor Bronco would cost ALOT!! But still with the cost aside the power and capabilities of such a vrhicle would be very practicle for many of us to operate.