the Man-UV

By Adam M.

I have an idea for a new product for Ford Motor Co. I love Ford and I would like to see you produce a Man-UV, a utility vehicle for men. Particularly, men with a family but who also have to get dirty on occasion.

Here's my vision. An Explorer class or smaller, two door with the seats (or bench) in back completely removable so that there is a large enough cargo space behind the driver's seat to fit a 4 x 8 sheet of ply. Also, covers to put over the place in floor where the seat hooks to so that the space can be swept easily. The walls and floors should be sprayed with bedliner, no carpet. Carpet gets dirty and men don't have time to clean carpet. The bedliner is also good for guys like me with a young family; kid spills something, easy clean up.The hatch as it normally is should be fine, except that there should be a place inside that is convenient to tie the hatch down in case you're moving a bunch of lumber or whatnot.

The seats don't have to be covered with anything fancy, as long as it's durable, easily cleaned and comfortable.

Personally, as a 32 year old white male with a wife, one kid and one on the way, I would love this vehicle. I drive a sedan right now only because occasionally I need to the passenger room, but I am constantly wanting to haul stuff. When I use my wife's SUV, it gets dirty. She doesn't like that. I don't want a supercab pickup because it's huge and uses too much gas. I think the Man-UV would be a good compromise. Plus, it'd be nice to see more marketing for men.

Thanks for listening,
Adam Mayes
lewis_medlock 02/16/2013
what does 'white' have anything to do with it????? really dude?
lewis_medlock 02/16/2013
its called an F-150 XL SuperCab 4x4. Vinyl floor (no carpet), vinyl seats. Your "man-uv" (i vomit when i hear that inside my head, btw....) is a non-starter. The car based 'crossover' is here to stay for all the near-trophy suburban moms who have to have an 'SUV'.....try this , buy a used F150 wont regret it. Use it only when you need it and it will last forever. Take the money you save from not buying a new "man-uv" (there it is again...) and buy a FUN daily driver. Staying on the Ford theme....plenty of Mustang V6 Premium cars out there for 10 large, all day long. just my 2 cents.....