The Ford Splitgate*

By Nate M.

Although I'm not a fan of trucks, I have always thought of this. What if you have a 16 foot 2x4 and you have a generator in the back of your truck. Wouldn't it be nice if the tailgate was split down the middle. You could put the right side down and the board would hang out. The left side would be closed and the generator couldn't fall off the bed. Also, the handles for the two gates would be on the inside of the bed, this would avoid an ugly appearance. A net could also go down the center of the bed to prevent sliding. I truly think this is a pretty legitimate idea. What do you think Ford?
Teej Hammersland 03/22/2011
Perfect idea - although there would need to be something more than just a net, probably something like Ford's bed extender from the older trucks and that sort