The bronco is back!!!

hello ford motor company im a beloved ford bronco fan, to prove to you guys that i am look at my facebook page i have my broncos going throught there redemption. i need to update my facebook. i have two broncos a 1979 ranger with a 351 in it and a 1986 with a 302 first fuel injected ford truck. When ford motor company say that they would possable build another i was so excited, but after 2005 i guess u guys backed out i know that it would be hard to start if again. I remember when ford was out to beat it all. When chevrolet came out with the suburban ford decided to go against them with the bronco and they excended the heavy chevrolet couldnt go all the places the bronco could go. Now the jeeps and the FJs are become the only real off roading vehical. The ford raptor was a awsome idea but to expensive for the middle class. What im asking is to bring the bronco back, there is so many people the still want one i might be sixteen but there is money in them just do like they did with them in the old day where the ford f150 part were the same as the broncos. just if u do just do not put the electronic 4x4 push button things, they break all the time just look your f150s now and look at the blogs they are all have trouble with them. Another thing put a solid axle under it not what they put under the 1980s and up(the independent axle thing). I promise that they will sell alot better than the ford raptor. i hope you do think about this and what could be acomplished. i would love to have feed back on this please ford. thank you for your time.
HAHDJ 12/13/2013
Andrew h 12/21/2012
The concept Bronco stole everyone's heart, yet never got the green light. With Toyota bringing back the FJ40 and having success I for one thought that would have been the catalyst for Ford to green light the Bronco. I'm still scratching my head. Come out and beat Jeep Wranglers at their own game, send Toyota back to the drawing board, and gain new Ford fans with ecoboost technology. Win win.
KEVEN Z 09/18/2012
Please Ford listen to us. BRING BACK THE BRONCO with the classic retro styling. Guaranteed a hit. There is definitely interest with the Raptor, but they are too expensive for most(especially to do serious trail duty). Please listen Ford to us loyal owners.
Kedric M 07/20/2012
We definitely need a bronco! Bring back the classic styling with the full removable top!
Benjamin W 06/04/2012
Agreed. My brother is building a 1979 bronco. That body style is a work of art.
Alec s 05/07/2012
One of the best ideas ever
Wesley R 05/04/2012
Yes I agree COMPLETELY! We need another Bronco