The All New Ford Elle

I have an Idea for a new ford vehicle. Mostly now in the ford cars they have eliminated the V8 revolution. When you think of ford you think of all of the what use to be V8 engines that ford carried. You also, if a true ford guy, think of the grand turino or the crown victoria in the ford which were known for style and class. I want to see a new vehicle which symbolizes not only sexiness, but when you look at it your eyes pop. We have gotton the all new theme of straight lines and Muscle, But what about elligence in a vehicle. I think the name Elle would be a nice name for the vehicle. Also give me some true curves in the car. Make her stick out from the rest like a sore thumb. Mostly the newer cars have went back to the boxy standard well ford. You have empressed me over the years with your dependability, Now give me dependability and also sexiness in the cars that you have. Bring back the strong V8 Engine option back in the new vehicle.
Tommy B 12/28/2012
Those in charge of Ford took the wrong road when hey killed the Crown Vic. Marquis and Lincoln Towncar. A good redesign instead of the discontinuation of these models would have been much more sucessful than an MK
What does MKZ mean anyhow ?
JJMJRDEC J 12/06/2012
Everett D.---the days of the v8 are over ,look for your needs in a super charge 4cyl or 6cyl ,dont forget high power electric cars,the future is change.