Teen Line

My idea is to create an affordable line of cars for first time drivers/teens. As a mother looking to purchase my son's 1st car, I don't want a used one for him. I want an affordable, new one. I think Ford should create a few styles geared toward the teens that are built and have safety features that will be insurance friendly. The cars can be stylish but basic for the new drivers....colors the teens would like, prices the parents could afford. You could be building a future base of customers with these first time buyers. The line could be tailored for teens/first time drivers, but if priced right I am sure others would purchase the cars.
David G 09/28/2012
1) I'd say too focused (No pun intended) to created a "sub brand" for teens. I honestly don't think Scion (Toyota) is doing that great. And besides, most of the few Scion models offered are models that did well overseas (i.e. Japan) and all they did was change the badge from Toyota to Scion.

2) i agree with Brad, you have the Focus, the Fiesta which are very attractive, affordable, entry level cars which would be good for a teen. And if the new ones don't meet your price point, Ford does offer factory authorized pre-owned vehicles with a full warranty.

3) Lastly, many people don't know this, put if you go to Ford performance or Ford Racing, they offer some parts for the Fiesta & Focus. They aren't all "go fast" parts. Many are appearance parts, such as racing stripes, a spoiler, etc.
Brad B 09/22/2012
Hey Tonya B. Ford = reliability. I'd look at a 2 to 3 year old Fusion or Focus vehicle. Have it checked out, replace the belts and hoses, tires if needed and let him drive. I don't work for Ford, but drive them. You'll find either one of them a great first and safe ride for the new driver. You will also find them cheaper to insure over a new one.