Teen Line of Cars

As a mother searching for my son's first car, I would like to see a teen line of cars-a few styles geared toward teens/first time drivers that are affordable and offer safety features that will reduce the price of insurance for those adding their children as first time drivers. I want to purchase a new car for him, but I want it to be affordable.
ryan s 10/03/2012
buy an old car. when automakers make teen oriented car, they get some skewed idea that it has to look like absolute hell
Nancy M 10/02/2012
I totally agree, this car doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles to start with. As a parent the top items on my wish list are:
1. Affordably priced
2. Safe
3. Good fuel economy
4. Cheaper to insure

Here's my idea, what if you started with a new base model styled after a stripped down old school 68 mustang. Then you offered accessories that teens could purchase to customize or upgrade on their part-time budget making the car "their own".

Personally I'd rather have them start with a brand new safe car than an old rust bucket. Kids are going to customize and upgrade their vehicle anyway, so why not just give them a starter vehicle and let them go from there. It would make parents all breathe a sigh of relief.