Taurus SHO Seats

By Luci T.

The New Ford Taurus SHO does not need any real changes. It is designed with a Sporty exterior as well as interior.
Yet has all the comforts for those of us with bad backs as well as older but don't want feel older. In addition to need for the comfort of the innovated new seats the New Ford Taurus SHO now has. So if your Disabled, or a little bit older, and want to Feel young and feel the comfort of New Taurus SHO!
Two thumbs up to Ford on building a wonderful car for all ages and for those of us with back problems that still want to feel good about what we drive! I do not have one but with my back and as hard as it is for me to travel. If I could help with the seats I would like to make sure the seats were heated as well as cooled and go down to the legs as well as up into the shoulders. I would love it if they had massaging seats as well. As far as the rest of the car I totally love it!
Douglas J 04/01/2014
I have 2013 Taurus sho with massaging seat/back and heated/cooled seat. Would like separate heat/cooling for back and/or seat. As for seat, I think it gets hard after driving any distance...a little more cushion would be great.
John T 08/05/2013
I have this car and love the seats. I hope they bring them to their Explorer Sport line.