tattoo graphics south africa/usa

Well, this is not my idea, it's actually Fords idea. The problem is that it is only available in South Africa. I was looking at your website at the Ford Fiesta. I also did a "Google" search for Ford Fiesta tattoo graphics when I noticed that the USA only had one graphic to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw several tattoo graphics available on this model. Unfortunately, these particular graphics are only available in South Africa. I live in the USA and would love to be able to purchase a Ford with these graphics. If you aren't going to offer the models with the specific graphics that are offered in South Africa, it would be nice to know that the USA could purchase the graphic kit and have it put on here. I specifically like the Rose/Thorn tattoo graphic and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Ford could always send me a South African model to drive around in the USA to demo for you. Be glad to do it!