Sync/Radio/DVD screens - Personalize

I love the features of my 2011 Ford F450 factory navigation and Sync system however, there is little in the way of personalization for the system. Even the ability to add some photos is hampered by two tiny screens with large borders which don't really look that great.

I would love the ability to upload a photo to display across the entire screen with no border, a wallpaper of sorts. I would like the ability to fill up an entire half of the screen, i.e. Radio in a minimal space upper corner and then a photo.

Maybe be able to "skin" my radio as the blue is becoming increasingly boring and the layout is already tired. A user friendly customizer or advanced setup for more daring users with the ability to restore to factory if they botch it. If it’s a cost issue you can charge customers if they need to reset their radios because they messed something up.

Bottom line is there is a lot of desire to make the display more personal and no ability to do so. For the price of the system there should be and someone should be updating Sync more often. Despite having a 2011, I am a generation behind the "My Touch"?

Sync is marketed a lot but the development for customer use or customization is lacking.

Thanks for your consideration.
Corey Lange 01/25/2012
Great idea. Would like ot see this with not only the My Ford Touch but the regular Nav system as well, such as what I have in my Flex :)