Sync voice

Can you give us the option to change the voice feature, example a male or female voice or another accent. When your on a long drive it helps to make the ride less boring.
Robert M 07/20/2012
I'll even go even further and be a nerd. Perhaps custom voices, KITT from Knight Rider, Yoda, Darth Vader or the usual boring voices that people want. Would love to see a modification to give me more custom choices
Lauren H 03/09/2012
I've always wanted to change the voice! I searched and searched until I finally decided you guys didn't think of that. :(. I would love a British or Aussie voice or some famous voices....Mike Rowe.. Jon Luc Picard? Captain Kirk? Make it so Number 1!
Tim S 03/05/2012
Would like to have an English woman's voice or maybe even a famous person's voice like Tom Tom had. Dennis Leary? Toby Keith maybe? Mike Rowe?
Moose 03/05/2012
I have enough females telling me what to do.. would prefer a male voice
Spencer T 03/05/2012
That is a great idea! I'm kind of surprised it wasn't included from the beginning.