Sync Voice Call Privacy Mode Modification

By Paul K.

If I am listening to the radio on the MyFord Touch in my 14 Explorer Sport and a call comes in, I can answer fine on Bluetooth.  If I click on Privacy Mode, I can now listen to the call on my phone earpiece, but the radio turns back on to whatever volume I was at before the call came in.  What I had hoped would happen is that the radio stays muted when I take the call to Privacy Mode.  I called in and was told this is a "perk" that people have requested so others in the car can listen to the radio when the person taking their phone to privacy mode listens to the call.  This makes no sense to me.  If it has to stay the same for some reason, then let the driver make a decision on how Privacy mode should work:  either keep radio muted or unmute radio like it does today.  As further information, I have an Acura and Mercedes that are much older cars, and the bluetooth privacy mode works as expected, and keeps the radio muted when phone is take to privacy mode.