Super Duty Series with manual transmission

I would really enjoy seeing a super duty with a "Manual transmission" option. My first vehical was a 1995 F-350 with a manual transmission (5 speed) and had a 7.3 liter diesel engine. When I towed trailers I felt that I had more control over my load with the manual transmission. But now that I'm looking to continue with the ford super duty line of truck I'm told that this option is not valid anymore. Yes, I have driven a super duty with an automatic transmission while hauling a load and I truly felt a lack of control over the trailer compared to that of my manual F-350. Also, in todays world a maual transmission might actually act as a anti theft device due to the fact that a lot of younger people now a days do not know how to drive a manual. I would just like to see a "manual transmission" option return to the consumer. Let them decide whats best for their needs. Thank you for your time. 
Laurence Petz 04/20/2014
Every pickup I have ever owned was/is a Ford. However my next pickup for towing my fifth wheel will not have an automatic transmission. That said looks like dodge will get my next purchase.
James M 04/17/2014
While I can't see this happening, I would be very happy to see a return to manuals in trucks. My first truck was also a manual Ford. That truck first made me fall in love with Ford.
Craig M 04/02/2014
Bring manual transmissions back to the entire truck line! I have a strong dislike for Ram trucks, but you can still get a heavy duty Ram with a manual transmission. That could be reason enough to switch.
greg 03/24/2014
I, too would like to see a manual transmission available on the new Super Duties. I current drive a '99 F350 which is pretty long in the tooth, because I have procrastinated on a new purchase. Although I prefer Ford and their 6.7L diesel, I don't want an automatic. On the other hand, I not ready to go over to the other side and purchase Dodge just to get a manual. The Cummins is a great engine, but you've got to wrap a Dodge around it.