Suicide Doors

If you were to engineer a suicide door system for say, the SUV, there would be lines around the World to buy one. People loved the classic Lincoln with suicide doors, people want to be a part of that classy history.
Michael L 01/28/2013
Lincoln needs to bring back the suicide doors. Its a must! They need something to stand out from the crowd.
David F 01/15/2013
Suicide doors are awesome! I'm no car designer but I would imagine a simple rebuttal to being trapped in the parking lot would be designing this car or SUV similar to the Mustang or 90s Explorer. But rather than simply two side doors, four suicide doors. And design the front bucket seats to come forward and leave the rear doors shut for parking lots.
Linda 01/12/2013
Similar to the doors on the f150 supercab. Can be difficult if there is a vehicle parked beside you, especially if you have a shopping cart full of groceries. Both doors have to be open to access the backseat then you have to partially close the door to reach around and grab bags to put in the backseat.
Stephen B 01/11/2013
Love the idea! Lincoln really needs some design direction. Cadillac, love it or hate it, has found its design language. Lincoln still seems lost, and a look back might push them forward.
brad a 01/05/2013
I think the vehicle would be more convenient to load people and goods into, as well.