Stand Out/new idea on lights

I would like to see this on Lincoln, but the idea is to have time sequenced lights when the car starts up. For instance picture and all black Lincoln parked, the owner unlocks the doors but instead of the head lights coming on the Lincoln symbol in the grill lights up with bright LEDs and stays lit. Once the car starts the LEDs for the symbol seemingly file out towards the headlights move around the perimeter of the lights to the main headlight which flashes on with full brightness as the driver pulls off.

In the rear of the car the Lincoln wouldn't have lights like all the other cars, there would be seemingly no lights there just the trunk area. Then when the car comes on a bright reflected glow would come from the seams of the car where the rear lights normally are. The glow would be hidden red LEDs that gives a whole new perspective on what rear lights can look like. When off the car looks like it has no rear lights at all just a smooth stylish finish, but when the time comes the Lincoln would really shine!