Sport Expedition

If not this generation, then next generation Ford should offer a Sport trim on the Expedition similar to the Explorer Sport. Blacked out design cues, etc.

Perhaps with a 5.0L Ecoboost V8 or 6.2L V8 as the engine.
Bay 10/26/2013
Please add 5 cyl diesel 30 mpg hwy and 6.2 Raptor Expedition with independent 4x4.Before releasing the vehicle, please address the ladies in the car. Add a little padding on dash, door for arm and elbow contact points, children rest their head on hard door surfaces hurts, and little bid of padding on center console sides, it hurts just below the knee.  Everyone love the look and color, they hate the hard plastic! Just a little bit of padding please for the ladies and girls sleeping in the back seat.Finally with such a large dash there should be more storage for the lady passenger. Everyone who rides my 2007 Expedition Eddie Bauer, loves the air suspension ride, even adults in the 3rd roll, love the looks and color combination. They hate the hard plastic on elbow and arm contact points. They worry about contacting the hard dash with their head (three separate passengers commented).