Sport coupes

By Mark R.

I’m sure there are a lot of men like me out there who grew up on big powerful cars but are too old to be tooling around in a Mustang. We don’t need an suv or 4-door car any more. A 2-door version of the Fusion or Mkz with a V-8 or even a V-6 Turbo would sell to our demographic. Ford being the only American car company left it is all I will buy and I’m sure there are many who feel the same, so adding some type of sport coupe would be a smart move for Ford/Lincoln.
Michelle P 04/17/2014
I need a 4-door Mustang for the kids to be able to get in and out of the back seat. I would hate to give up my 2-door unless I could get something sporty yet practical.
Marinus d 04/11/2014
bring back the gt!!
Jim N 03/23/2014
I like that idea. It sounds llike the 87-88 Thunderbird Sport. (which was built on a streched Fox Mustang chassis)