Speed limit display

I have a 2013 F450 Super Duty. The default screen is split up into 4 quads: Phone/Navigation/Radio/Climate. Before the latest update if we were in the split screen mode and listening to the radio one would have to go into the Radio screen to view the artist and title of the song played. The August 2013 update fixed that. The artist and title of the song is readily displayed in the radio section of the quad screen. I like this change. My suggestion has to do with the navigation portion of the split screen. The street name is displayed as one travels the highways and bi-ways. I don’t know anyone who likes getting speeding tickets and find myself constantly having to bring up the navigation screen and look in the lower left hand corner of said navigation screen for the posted speed limit on the highway I am currently on. Which begs the question: why can’t the posted speed limit be presented along with the street name when the default quad screen is displayed? Doing so would minimize the distraction caused by taking one’s eyes off the road to select the navigation screen to check the posted speed limit.