Specific touch screen programing for seniors

By Don W.

Seniors are the largest growth demographic expected to double by year 2030.
To my knowledge Ford has not directly designed or simplified dash and control systems specifically to be senior friendly and senior simple. With the touch screen technology recently in use for operation of areas like lighting, hvac, and other command componet other than the 5 year ago gps and music; Can Ford develop specific programing for the systems that would be senior friendly? Big simple symbols for Heat, A/C, Wipers, Lighting, Radio.

If this concept makes sense to Ford, the other demographics as young adult who may preffer advanced control programing and men and women who desire modest control complexity would have separate "mid level complexity programing availiable to these groups as well.       
oldfogie 12/27/2013
would be nice if it were customizable via a laptop or tablet (maybe my surface?) to leave off the data duplications, increase font size, clear radio stations, etc..

also, the lights need to be on all the time, especially when it's raining (like my wifes toyota), and they should auto turn off when i remove the key and close the door, lock the door, etc..

and the floormat needs to cover more of the drivers floor, like the little ramp on the left where my wet/muddy foot rests...

blind spot mirror is a nice selling point, but useless. i have to stare at it for a few seconds to determine just what the heck i'm even looking at, i'd rather just have a mirror with a touch of curve to it that allows the same view but no confusing break in the view.

thanks for your patience...