Small ladies truck

By G N.

I would like to see a Ford truck that is small, a pretty color, plush interior, sits higher like four wheel drive but in two wheel drive, has a side area like trunk that closes and no one can see in like for shopping. We ladies love our car trunks. This could be in the extended cab. I would also like to see on passenger side two fold out pieces that if carring something like a long piece of wood this could fold out for board to sit on. I would like to see this not to look so much like all the pick up trucks but between a truck and car. As a lady it is hard to keep a car to go out in and a truck to pick up bags of potting soil, etc. It would be nice to have one vehicle for everything and not feel like I am driving a man's truck. Some middle age ladies would love their own truck for yard sales, flea markets, etc. but want something more ellegant that would be known as a ladies  ford truck. 
Jonathan C 02/24/2014
Whats wrong with the explorer sport track? It has a truck bed and 4 doors and comes in 2 or 4 wheel drive. They dont make them anymore but you can get a used one that is only a few years old.